Moral and Spiritual
Educational Values
Community Enrichment

John and Marlene Boll have experienced grear blessing and success through their business venrures and lifelong stewardship and investment practices. With gratitude and humility they have always sought to give back to the communities of which they have been a part by supporting education, the arts, and health services. John and Marlene have provided opportunities to those who have not experienced the advantages afforded to them, and have reached out with generosity and love in response to their own overwhelming sense of gratitude to God for His provision.

John and Marlene are a study in contrasts; he a rugged construction worker, as comfortable on a bulldozer as in a boardroom, and she a graceful and elegant dancer by profession, schooled in and appreciative of culture and the arts. Together the Bolls have created a legacy that envelops hard work, pragmatic and honest business practices, beauty, grace, concern for the poor, children, and those who deserve a break, acknowledgement of their faith in a Creator God, and a desire to improve the quality oflife for the communities that they love.

The business acumen, astute boards manship, and kind philanthropy exhibited by the Bolls has enriched the lives of thousands of families. Their desire is that their Foundation may continue to be a blessing to those who share their values for generations to come.

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