Moral and Spiritual
Educational Values
Community Enrichment

We have seen the rewards of service expressed in the smiles of children, the beauty of art, and the fellowship of community, and the provision of God who sustains all things. While there are many worthy charitable projects that cover a multitude of interests and needs, we have chosen to concentrate on the following three areas to provide the maximum possible effectiveness of the Foundation's resources.
  • The encouragement of Moral and Spiritual Values
  • The promotion of Educational Values
  • Community Enrichment
We desire to have an impact on our world by addressing the complex moral, ethical and spiritual challenges faced by individuals living in modern culture. The hope that anchors our family is in Jesus Christ, and so we reach out to others through various Christian ministries that can bring His life-changing love and message to others.

For children and young people, we hope to provide Christian guidance for a better future. For families, we strive to create an everlasting bond through faith-building activities. For the community, we assist Christian ministries that promote the development of moral and spiritual values through programs that meet a wide range of needs including youth camps, relief for the needy and Christian education.

The Foundation is inclined toward non-denominational, Christ-centered programs in accomplishing these goals.

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